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Can we talk about how Haru and Makoto’s seiyuus practically had voice sex

… or maybe I should just let it speak for itself.

English translate:

Makoto: Nya nya nya nya

Haruka: ah

Makoto: nya

Haruka: ah

Makoto: nya

Haruka: ah

Makoto: nya


forever laughing at this panel because levi hasn’t changed at all

it’s literally just

17 786 reproducciones Makoto x Rei audio (nsfw) Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Hirakawa Daisuke Kouboku no Koi


After a very long time I have new audio for you all! This time we go all gay with seme Makoto and uke Rei.

NSFW: Put headphones on! You might not want to explain to your family that “it’s only a swimming anime..!”

This is from drama CD “Kouboku no Koi”
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when ur friend thinks there great at singing and your there like


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and haru can confirm this


"there’s no such thing as perfect!"


excuse u





So Coach Sasabe words of wisdom kinda stuck on me in last episode. It’s probably because I constantly have my shipping rinharu goggles on but I have a bad habbit and I read everything Rinharu as soon as it’s possible.

I had the feeling that Sasabe speech could maybe means more than it seems. (I mean if people are guessing that Sousuke is cardiac because he rubs his shoulder why can’t I do the same) So basically, Sasabe says that there is two kind of man, one who gets better with love ( aka loves stimulate the guy) or who get weaken by love (aka suffers from it). Ofc I had to make it RinHaru somehow and that’s where Sousuke enters the scene.

"Don’t ever get in Rin’s way again"

Sousuke knows about Rin obvious crush on Haru. (aka this scene) and we don’t really know if he thinks Rin is still fond of Haru or not. But, considering he had seen the relay and what he thinks Rin did for them, he might really be considering Rin’s feelings for Haru, whatever they are (love strong friendship rivalry or admiration I don’t care. For me it’s love it’s obvious but it’s doesn’t have to be in Sousuke’s mind.). For Sousuke, Rin is the kind of men who get’s weaken by love.

And Sousuke that’s where I want to shout at you. YOU’RE WRONG. YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FIRST SEASON you idiot (okay you were busy being scouted in Tokyo and all but still)

Rin is way better when he is pushed by Haru! And it’s the same for Haruka. They both get strengthen by love each other!

I dunno if this scene is just there for Rei or if it’s supposed to be foreshadowing something but my shipper’s heart says so.

And that’s why I love this show (◡‿◡✿)

Ohhhhhh I like the meta that Sousuke is trying to protect Rin from his own feelings. BECAUSE SOUSUKE SEES RIN DOING STUPID THINGS FOR HARU. Like switching schools way back when and the regionals stunt FIVE YEARS later. Wowowow. Imagine how drastic this must all look to Sousuke. He just doesn’t want Rin to get preoccupied and make a huge mistake. Especially since Haru has no idea how much he affects Rin.

Well I really picture Sousuke as someone who really cares for his friend (Rin). it’s so easy to see him as the bad guy but NO NO NO I am 100% sure all he is doing now is for Rin, to help him and drag him to the Olympics with him.

Imagine, he saw the relay on regionals, he saw what Rin did wth no further explanation. And then ‘miraculously’ he is back at Samezuka??? haha lol Sousuke did excatly the same thing as Rin he transfert to HELP Rin because he thinks he is not doing what he should.

But Sousuke doesn’t know that Rin wanted to quid swimming (twice) and that Haru saved him. He just sees Haru as the one who is taking Rin away from their dreams (I think it’s what ep 4 will be about, THEIR dream, Rin and Sousuke’s). That’s why he thinks Haru had (and still have) a bad influence on Rin, even if HE UNDERSTANDS Rin. he understands but Papasuke doesn’t agree with this union!

Anyway that’s why he is so agressive it’s not because of Haru or because he doesn’t like him it’s really just because of Rin and how he thinks Rin reacts around Haru.

(Anyway maybe he should talk to Rin about it first but hey we wouldn’t have had that super metal music if he’d done it so XD)

I’ve been convinced from the beginning that this was what sousuke was trying to do. Are there actually people who don’t get this???





I’m sorry I just found the reactions of the swim club to the suggestion of Rei being gay so fucking hilarious. WHAT. A HOMOSEXUAL?? IN THE IWATOBI SWIM CLUB??? N O

Anyhow this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever drawn haha oops

I love that Gou’s main concern was that Sera wasn’t good enough for Rei sldiufhslidufsldf


No, it's not too late. Let's go, Rin!

By Haru and the others. By my friends. When I swam with them, they showed me a sight I had never seen before and it made me want to swim again. 

That’s why this time, I swim for the sake of the friends who saved me



Rin + Sousuke

"More importantly, Rin. Why didn’t you ever call me during these past five years?"

OK, I get why they made this change…but it mostly only makes me want to see a High Speed!-compliant version of the series now :(

Because I liked that little insight into Rin that we got seeing that he was going to write to Haru—but chickened out at the last minute and wrote to Sousuke instead, knowing that Sousuke—being Sousuke—would know what Rin had been trying to do and make that ‘exchange’ for him, a little relay of their own as he passed Rin’s letter and the thoughts therein on to Haru.

And I liked how we saw how much that letter affected Haru, how it stuck with him, how thoughts of what Rin was doing—striving toward his goal—was what gave Haru direction as well. The theme of ‘moving forward’  was super prevalent in the book, and a good portion of it on Haru’s part was obtained after reading Rin’s letter (and more so after learning it was meant for him).

So to take that away and change the way things worked out—no letters from Rin to anyone, no contact whatsoever with Sousuke or Haru or anyone else, no knowledge of what Haru and Sousuke were going through with each other or their friends—is just kind of disappointing :( I’m sure it’ll work out fine and we’ll see that it was necessary to remove that (or that even with removing that ‘history’, it can still be great), but it doesn’t stop me from wishing we could get some flashbacks and realizing that now, we definitely will never see that scene animated :(



Rin x rejection

“Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn’t feel a part of their heart break at rejection? You ask yourself every question you can think of, what, why, how come, and then your sadness turns to anger. That’s my favorite part. It drives me, feeds me, and makes one hell of a story.”  - Jennifer Salaiz

Since we got some brand new insight in today’s episode I think one should definitely not overlook this when trying to understand his character and his anger from season 1.

Which makes me wonder why he gave up on Sousuke and not on Haru.

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rin rin tree~



top!Rin or bottom!Rin



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